Year 12 Performs for a Special Audience

Year 12 Performs for a Special Audience

The long-lasting impact of theatre performances can inspire young students…

Year 12 students completed their first collaborative performance for the IB Diploma Programme, performing to a group of lucky Year 2 students! This pirate-themed performance was the first theatre performance in front of an audience in nearly two years. To prepare for the performance, Year 12 drama students first worked on building familiarity with each other and with being onstage again. They undertook various research tasks and participated in a range of drama activities to help them understand themselves more and to further determine which roles and responsibilities they would succeed best at when working in a team.

Year 12 drama students found that the main difficulty in developing each performance piece was coordinating everything within such a short timespan. They practiced exaggerated actions and facial expressions to overcome the challenge of performing with masks on. Students also helped to create the set design, organise costumes and select props and lighting that would engage the Year 2 student audience. Year 12 students executed everything to the best of their ability and delivered an exciting performance sure to be remembered!

Laughter and smiles from the Year 2 audience stimulated a wave of adrenaline and determination within our Year 12 performers. Following the performance was an opportunity for feedback with the Year 2 students and teachers, which immediately reinforced the benefits of performing. Through this experience, Year 12 drama students have seen first-hand the long-lasting impact that theatre performances can have on an audience.

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