Theatre Magic in  Secondary!

Theatre Magic in Secondary!

Key Stage 3 student-actors bring magic to the Black Box…

The magic of live theatre has returned to Bangkok Patana with last week’s premier of the Key Stage 3 and Year 10 production! For many students, this was their first time taking part in a full production, with a complete stage, set, costumes, music and special effects. The students enthusiastically demonstrated their learned skills, from vocal delivery to backstage management, lighting and choreography. This production featured two ensembles, allowing for a number of students to engage in the production, as well as backstage crew and other supporting roles. The Key Stage 3 and Year 10 production is a fantastic opportunity for students to learn more about Drama as an area of learning and to gain first-hand experience before having it offered as a course option in their (I)GCSEs and IB programme.

Opening to a live audience in the Black Box for three nights was exciting, as many spectator events have been limited throughout the past two pandemic years. The Key Stage 3 and Year 10 student-actors wowed the audience with their energy and enthusiasm, bringing magic to the stage through all of their preparation and hard work. Due to Covid isolation protocols, the entire cast had only been all together once before the production went live – a big kudos to the cast and production crew for your adaptability and resilience. We are looking forward to the return of on-stage productions and can’t wait to see what next year brings!

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