Year 6 Previews Secondary Music

Year 6 Previews Secondary Music

Key Stage 3 Ensembles perform for Year 6 visitors…

Year 6 students visited the Secondary Music Department to find out more about the Key Stage 3 Music Ensemble Programme. Each group were given a timetable and a map which allowed them to navigate the Arts Centre. They were able to visit various classes and see the Key Stage 3 music students in action. During their visit, the students observed the following groups: Vocal Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Thai Ensemble, String Ensemble, Clarinets (Concert Band), Flutes (Concert Band), Saxophones (Concert Band), Percussion (Concert Band), Brass (Concert Band).

Through this activity, students were able to experience the types of learning that take place in Secondary Music, helping them to further consider their ensemble choice for Year 7. The Key Stage 3 music students enjoyed having the Year 6 students visit and were proud to perform for them to demonstrate their learning.

“We went to the Secondary Music Department to see the different instruments so that when we make our choices, it will be much easier to choose the ensemble or instrument we want to play. The Secondary students were very welcoming, kind and helpful. To our surprise, there were a wide range of instruments and ensembles to listen to. The staff were friendly and showed us where we were supposed to go next. We really are looking forward to coming to Secondary School soon – the visit made us feel less anxious about moving onto Year 7.” Leah and Melanie, 6S

“Our trip to the Secondary Music department was delightful. The teachers explained what will happen if we select the different ensembles. Two kind teachers showed us around the department as it was very big. A big treat was in store for us, as every time we entered a classroom, the band would perform a piece of music that demonstrated what we were going to play if we joined that ensemble. Wherever we went, we were greeted by smiles. Our trip was also very fascinating as we listened to what the instruments actually sounded like. The trip challenged us to navigate the department, including the basement and lots of classrooms. Some instruments were unusual, but sounded dazzling! There were nine diverse bands that we went to and all of them were so good. It was very difficult to make our decision on what to choose for Secondary!” Daniel, 6S

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