Todd Thornback – Year 6 Teacher

Todd Thornback – Year 6 Teacher

Todd Thornback is a fan using retrieval practices to help children learn….

Todd Thornback, a Year 6 teacher, started at Bangkok Patana in August 2021, after working in China, Malaysia and the UK.

“I heard about Bangkok Patana School from colleagues whilst teaching in Malaysia. Some had previously worked here and told me about the high expectations of learning and teaching. They had very positive feedback about the school and were all quick to tell me how fabulous the campus is and how fantastic the learning is. I was also set on a returning to a FOBISIA school as I see it as a hallmark for quality.”

“Now that I am here, it is better than I thought it was going to be. I had high expectations, but the children are excellent learners, and they are so resilient to learning online. It has been great. We have managed to build relationships positive relationships despite the remote learning scenario. Everyone is friendly and approachable; the campus is amazing. I just can’t wait for the children to be back.”

“Due to my previous roles, I became a big fan of professional reading; I try to read, learn new things and apply what I learn in the classroom. For example, I try to use retrieval practice techniques, model with worked examples and reduce cognitive load for the children. I want to know how children learn best and then apply those principles in the classroom. When children are receptive to trying new things in the classroom, like they are at Bangkok Patana, then I also learn to be a better teacher.”

“I like running and miss the hills we had in the UK. I used to play football but a new baby and a ‘glass’ ankle put a stop to that. I watch sport and I am an Arsenal fan. I know they aren’t doing so well but I always reminisce about their great days which now seems so far away!”

“After teaching in China, I took the Trans-Siberian railway back to the UK and went through three times zones on my birthday, so I had a 27-hour long birthday! It was a great way to see Mongolia and Russia!”

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