UKMT Mathematical Challenge

UKMT Mathematical Challenge

How would you fare in the UKMT Maths Challenge? Try your hand below!

Secondary students participated in the UKMT Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, focusing on mathematical reasoning, precision of thought and fluency in basic mathematical techniques. Hosted by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust, schools outside of the UK are able to participate online. Following the results of this challenge, students may have the opportunity to compete in various higher-level challenges.

Following on from the UKMT Senior Challenge in December, The Intermediate Challenge is available to students between Years 8 and 11.  Students take part in the UKMT Challenges each year, demonstrating what they are capable of when tackling some great problems. The competition consists of 25 questions, which become progressively more difficult, despite the fact that they are multi-choice. Incorrect answers will reduce a student’s score, hopefully discouraging students from guessing. Very often, common misconceptions will lead to one of the multi-choice options, so students need to check their thinking carefully before selecting an answer. The whole competition takes one hour to complete and students are expected to work without the use of a calculator. One of the best things about many of the questions is that there is often one way to get an answer through the use of ‘brute force’ (tricky numerical calculations), but there is often a more elegant solution path, which makes selecting your answer a little quicker. Thinking before jumping into a question is definitely recommended.

Why don’t you have a go to see how you would do! Below are three problems for you to try.

If you would like to check how you got on, then please let one of our students help you out by clicking on Si Chao’s Solutions.  Thanks Si Chao Xiong for helping us through these challenging problems.

Easy Problem (#10)

Medium Problem (#17)

Hard Problem (#22)

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