University Offers: Arnav Jhaveri

University Offers: Arnav Jhaveri

Arnav plans to study Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania

University Offers Arnav Jhaveri

Congratulations Arnav! He has received offers from The University of Pennsylvania and King’s College London to study Computer Science.

“I have been enrolled in the 268th class at The University of Pennsylvania
(studying Computer Science at the School of Engineering (SEAS). I have always had a deep passion for computing and programming – from basic scratch programs to more complex specialised programs. Studying this course will not only allow me to enhance my problem solving and programming skills but also learn practically applicable skills for the real-world. Ultimately, computing and engineering are passions of mine, which I wish to pursue and thrive in, in the future.”

“I have been involved in Habitat for Humanity as a board member (Secretary) since Year 11, helping liaise and communicate within the club. Furthermore, I was the co-founder of the Computer Science Enrichment Program, in which we organised the Fobisia Coding Competition. I also co-founded Patanomics, a student lead Economics and Business editorial, and am one of five Senior Delegates.”

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