Head of School’s Update 30th April

Head of School’s Update 30th April

Matt Mill’s update 30th April 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for your feedback on the third round of the CSL parent surveys. Detailed data analysis is in this week’s Patana News. Our CSL programme is a work in progress and everyone is working extremely hard to do the best they can as we continue to sustain through the global pandemic. Feedback quite clearly continues to reinforce the desire for as much teacher-student face-to-face as possible, which is continuing to increase each week. I’m fully aware that the CSL programme meets the majority of the learning needs but not all of them, it can never completely be as good as having your child back in the classroom daily.

We also sent out a detailed survey to our teachers to ascertain their feedback and we were delighted to receive a high response. Key takeaways are shared in this week’s Patana News and include the value of face-to-face interactions and the positivity and enthusiasm of the students.

When can Bangkok Patana School feasibly reopen?

At this time, the government decree has been extended to 31st May. The government is in the process of gradually easing restrictions while maintaining declining rates of COVID-19 transmission. The degree of their success with this will determine their willingness to allow the resumption of activities which are perceived as higher risk including schools.

The Foundation Board met this week to discuss the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. The Board has been extremely supportive during this period and is cognisant of the fact that many community members have been incredibly challenged during this period. They support the proposal that when we are allowed to open the campus, there needs to be safe opening protocols, which will include provisions such as maintaining appropriate distancing, temperature checks, campus entrance procedures, mask and hygiene requirements, maximum numbers per class, pre-screening of families, cleaning and disinfecting and transportation related measures. Further details will be shared with you closer to when the school is allowed to reopen.

Planned Events in Term 3

Sadly, as we look into large group celebrations scheduled for Term 3, Graduation on 30th May will have to be cancelled. The Secondary Leadership Team and I are looking at a variety of ways that we can still recognise and celebrate our Year 13 students. More details will be shared with the Year 13 cohort once plans are finalised. Fun Day, which was rescheduled to June, has also been cancelled.

Latest Government Decree Updates

Today we heard from the government that six categories of businesses will be allowed to reopen temporarily starting Sunday 3rd May.  However, we are still waiting to hear confirmation of start dates from the provincial governors including Bangkok and Samutprakarn. It is important to note that the current ban on alcohol sales has not changed.

 The types of businesses that may open are:

1) Markets: Fresh markets, flea markets, floating markets, local markets, walking streets and stalls

2) Eateries: Restaurants not bigger than two commercial buildings, cafes, dessert bars, ice-cream parlours, street food stalls

3) Retailers: Supermarkets, convenience stores, small or communal retail shops, telecom retail stores

4) Sports and Recreation: Activities in public parks e.g. tai chi, tennis, shooting, archery, cycling, golf.  Outdoor sports venues for exercises but not for team sports e.g. Non-team, non-competitive.

5) Hair Salons and Barber Shops: Cut, shampoo and blow-dry only

6) Pet Grooming and Boarding

Current Campus Access

I’d like to remind you that although the government is lifting some restrictions, the school campus is still closed. Students are not allowed onto the campus at any time, apart from the agreement with Year 13 students who have been given an allotted time to return their school resources. Parents may come in to return or pick up Library items but must not bring their children with them. Masks should be worn at all times when on school grounds.

I have really enjoyed sitting in on some of the CSL lessons this week as I am really missing the students. A reminder that tomorrow, Friday 1st May, is Labour Day. It is a CPL (Continuing Professional Learning) day and teachers will be working from home on a virtual CPL programme, which includes important ongoing CSL training. Monday 4th May and Wednesday 6th May are also public holidays. CSL provision will take place on Tuesday 5th May and again from Thursday 7th May.

I’m hoping you and your family have a restful long weekend.

Best wishes,

Matt Mills
Head of School

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.