University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Nimrata plans to study Fashion Management at the University of the Arts London.

Nimrata Sachdev; University of the Arts London

Congratulations to Nimrata Sachdev on her offers from Norwich University of the Arts, Istituto Marangoni, University of Manchester, Arts University Bournemouth (granted a Bursary) and University of the Arts London. Nimrata plans to attend the University of the Arts London for Fashion Management.

“I plan to attend the University of the Arts London at the London College of Fashion. This is because it provides everything needed in an Arts university, and LCF is one of the best places for what I want to do as it is globally known for their fashion -related courses and the Fashion Business School. Its central location has also influenced my decision as I wanted to study in an area which would provide me with endless to help me grow and learn beyond the course. Along with this, LCF has very strong courses which really push students to take initiative and gain a lot of independence which will not only challenge me but also help me understand the fashion industry better. I also applied to take a placement year, which was important to me as this would allow me to broaden my perspective, apply new skills and knowledge to real work, and also open doors for me in terms of making connections.”

“Initially, I did look at rankings, but then after going to many different uni talks and information sessions, I found out more about each university that made me develop my interest in them. I also applied to these schools as I wanted to constantly push myself to explore beyond what I will be taught and since the fashion industry often values experiences, I wanted to make sure I would be supported in finding these opportunities. Being able to connect with other students with the same interests as me also was a major plus point to going to a specific university dedicated to creative courses.”

“I hope to study Fashion Management – this is because I’ve always been interested in the creative industries, including art and fashion, but I also wanted to incorporate business theories and a strong managerial foundation. I also did my work experience at a fashion brand which really pushed me to look more into this field of work as I learned so many things about various processes.”

“I played on the Touch Rugby team for a few years, from Under 15 up until Varsity, and I was also a student coach for multiple dance classes that were for younger students. Additionally, I worked with the Tiger shop on designs, and I also did independent work that consisted of researching, blogging, and developing my portfolio.”

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