University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Nathan plans to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manchester

Nathaniel (Nathan) Stephenson, University of Manchester

Congratulations to Nathaniel Stephenson on his offers from the University of Nottingham, University of Manchester, University of Exeter, University of surrey and Loughborough University. Nathan plans on attending the University of Manchester to study Mechanical Engineering.

“I am very excited as I plan on going to the University of Manchester and studying Mechanical Engineering. I am choosing to attend the University of Manchester because of the interesting modules they offer in their courses such as aerospace and mechanical thermodynamics, also the student life they have to offer.”

“I want to study engineering because the idea of constantly creating something new and imaginative intrigues me; I have always enjoyed constructing and building electronics and different items. I have assisted my father in restoring his motorcycle and discovering many complex mechanics behind everyday inventions. From this I have come to enjoy and investigate the mechanics and theoretical aspects of engineering.”

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