University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Pearl plans to study Architecture at the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Tianjuta (Pearl) Thianthai, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Congratulations to Tianjuta (Pearl) Thianthai on her offers from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, University of Toronto Daniels Faculty of Architecture with the Daniels Scholarship and the Faculty of Arts and Science, University of Bath, University of Manchester, University of West England and Loughborough University with an international scholarship. Pearl plans to attend the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor to study Architecture.

“I am excited to attend the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor this coming fall to study Architecture. Michigan’s interdisciplinary approach in academic excellence has intrigued me as it allows myself to explore other interests like Economics, Psychology, Anthropology and Fine Arts. Given the diverse and inclusive community at Michigan, I am thrilled to collaborate, exchange ideas with fellow peers and exhibit my architectural designs to the greater Ann Arbor community. I believe that enrolling at the University of Michigan will allow me to improve and grow as a better individual from both inside and outside the classroom experiences.”

“Growing up in a city where Buddhist temples juxtapose contemporary skyscrapers, I am intrigued by the social, cultural, and psychological influences of architectural designs. I believe that vibrant background and cultural context are significant considerations when one attempts to induce certain moods through designs.”

“During my internship at an architectural company, I dived deeper into the connections between construction and human emotions through sketches, creating models and experimenting with minor decorative choices. I have co-founded ‘Architalks’ to educate ourselves and others on different topics of the built environment through weekly research and discussions. My relationship with architecture began with my curiosity of the shift in emotions that alter from one location to another. Realizing that architecture could significantly influence an individual’s psyche, I hope to innovate compelling, impactful, and sustainable structures, to improve the physical and mental being of the society.”

“Apart from my academics, I have also participated in various extra-curricular activities in school. I was the art director of Right to Read, one of the designers for the Grad Book, an active member of Operation Smile, and lastly an organiser of the Fighting Breast Cancer group.

:Outside school, I have danced—in the styles of ballet, contemporary, and jazz—and competed on several international stages to represent Thailand. I have also volunteered to pass on my dance skills to younger kids. Furthermore, I have recently co-founded JaiArt, where we aim to promote the values and benefits of visual arts, while supporting art education at under-resourced schools in Thailand.”

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