University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Divyansh Jain will be attending the University of Bath to study Architecture.

Divyansh Jain, University of Bath

The university offers continue to roll in for the Class of 2021! Congratulations to Divyansh Jain on his offers. He has received Chancellor’s Scholarship and the International Baccalaureate 50th Anniversary Scholarship from the University of Bath as well as offers from the National University of Singapore, Loughborough University, Cardiff University, University of Sheffield and the University of Toronto. Divy plans to attend the University of Bath to study Architecture.

“I applied to these particular schools because of their internationally recognised academic rigour that will allow me to challenge myself to reach my full potential. Furthermore, some of these universities will allow me to participate in placement programmes which I highly value as it will allow me to apply my academic knowledge in a more practical and applicable context. Finally, another important factor for me is the ability to pursue my personal interests at university, whether they include charities that I can work with, or sports team in which I can participate in both competitive and recreational sport.”

“I have chosen to study Architecture because it is an area of study that integrates both Design + Technology, Mathematics and Physics – subjects that I am passionate about and keen to explore in the future. I believe architecture is integral in our lives because the use of space and solids to create an atmosphere is what allows us to feel productive in work environments and relaxed at homes. The idea that basic design features that control human’s mood from the way in which they experience and interact with architecture fascinates me.”

“At Bangkok Patana School, I was able to explore different activities to find hobbies that I am very patient about. Over the past few years, I have been part of the Varsity basketball team under the guidance of Coach Carlos and it was one of the greatest aspects of my time at Patana. Furthermore, I was able to explore more creative aspects of myself by participating in the DJing programme. Moreover, I developed my passion for environmental friendliness in my role as co-president of the Student Environmental Committee and Head of Design of Rescued Glass – a small student led initiative to reduce the impact of single-use glass bottles in the local environment. As co-president of RISE, I also learned the importance of child well-being as we worked closely with an organisation, The Place of Grace, that provides children in Klong Toey slums with a place they can find comfort and safety while their parents are away.”

I am truly grateful for the myriad of opportunities I was given at this school and feel prepared for the challenges that await in the future.

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