University Offers: Grad’21

University Offers: Grad’21

Congratulations to Siri who will pursue her love of cars and engineering.

Sirinary (Siri) Heckhausen, University of Cooperative Education-Baden Württemberg

Congratulations to Sirinary Heckhausen on her offer to attend the University of Cooperative Education-Baden Württemberg (DHBW) where she will study Electrical Engineering.

“I applied for the Dual Education Programme, this is a system that combines apprenticeships in a company with a university degree. I have received offers from Siemens and Bosch who would in turn sponsor me and support me through university at the University of Cooperative Education-Baden Württemberg (DHBW).”

“I have accepted the Siemens offer so I will be studying Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.) with a focus on automation at Siemens AG, Digital Industries in Stuttgart, Germany.”

“I applied to this programme, and these companies, because I wanted a more practical outlook on the subject. In my opinion, I learn the most by doing, therefore these programmes suited me the best as they will also allow me an insight into the company that I would potentially be working for in the future. These companies are also leaders in their respective fields, therefore I wanted to learn as much as I could from them.”

“I wanted to go into engineering because how things work fascinate me. My interest was first piqued by my enthusiasm in F1 and cars which drew me to love technology. Additionally, the shift in the views on the environment made me want to pursue electrical engineering. I’ve always thought human capabilities could be enhanced by machinery which made me apply for the automation specialisation.”

“My extra curriculars have consisted of working at the Mercedes-Benz workshop in my holidays as a mechanic to gain more hands-on experience with complex machinery (specifically electrical wiring). I have a qualification in onboard electrical bus systems so that also allowed me to utilise those skills in the workshop. That is the extra-curricular that I’m the proudest of.”

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