University Offers: Rachel Liew, King’s College London

University Offers: Rachel Liew, King’s College London

Rachel plans to pursue her passion for politics at King’s College London.

Congratulations to Rachel Liew on her offers from King’s College London, University of Bath, University of Surrey, University of Sussex and Loughborough University where she received a scholarship for the first year. Rachel plans to attend King’s College London where she will study Politics.

King’s College London was my first choice. It’s in a really good location, especially for the major I will be studying which will be Politics. The structure of the course allows me to have some degree of flexibility in what courses I want to study.

A combination of things made me decide on Politics. One was realising that learning the government’s role in many things was very interesting during Geography and Economics class. My work experience in the UNILO and doing my EE on a part of the Singaporean Government further indicated that I interest in gaining more knowledge in this area of study.

I really believed I was going not going to be accepted by King’s College London but I was proved wrong, so my tip to other students is to not doubt your abilities and qualifications, especially when you’ve worked hard for them. Also, make sure your passion for the major/ course you want to study shines through alongside your qualifications in your personal statement. Really make sure you do in-depth research on the course scheme for every major you want to apply to because they can really differ from university to university, even if they have the same major name. Finally, if you are lost or confused don’t hesitate to ask from anyone as soon as you possibly can!

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