Vicky Paxman – Year 3 Teacher

Vicky Paxman – Year 3 Teacher

“After getting taste for teaching and living abroad, I knew it was a move in my career that I would eventually make.”

Vicky Paxman is one of our Year 3 teachers. She comes to Bangkok Patana after living and working in London and is a first-time international school teacher.

“I knew I wanted to come to this part of the world; I have travelled Vietnam and Cambodia before, but never made it to Thailand. A family friend has been teaching overseas her entire career and she couldn’t recommend Thailand and Bangkok Patana highly enough. I am really excited to be here and to be part of the school. Everyone here at Bangkok Patana has been so warm and welcoming.”

“I came from a school in North London, where I taught for three years. It was in an area that housed a lot of temporary immigrants, which gave me a lot of experience with diversity in my classes and new-to-English speakers. We had a wide range of students with very different backgrounds and cultures, which made the school a really special place.”

“A lot of my Professional Development has centered on using speech for learning. I experimented a lot with Philosophy for Children (P4C); using debates and conversations to examine, question and enquire. The classes come up with their own philosophical questions based on a stimulus, and through discussion are able to explore differences in opinions respectfully and creatively with the assistance of an adult facilitator. The oracy, personal and social skills developed through this practice clearly impact students’ learning across the curriculum.”

“I really enjoy playing sports, particularly netball, and am looking forward to joining a team here in Bangkok. I was training to run the London marathon last year, raising money for a local charity, but then COVID hit. Although we took part in the virtual run in October, I’m keen to keep running here in Bangkok and eventually complete an official race!”

“When I was 18, I took a gap year to teach at a school in Kenya, in a village in the Rift Valley. I worked there for the full year as a teaching assistant. It is an amazing country, full of beautiful people and scenery. My year in Kenya gave me a taste for teaching and living abroad, and I knew it was a move in my career that I would eventually make.”

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