Primary Sports Days

Primary Sports Days

Friendly competition and fun at Primary Sports Days!

Primary Sports Days were a blast this week, giving students the opportunity to participate in and enjoy some friendly, sporting fun. Year 1 students were welcomed to the Primary Back Field and Hard Court areas for their activity circuits. These activities were repeated with age-related extensions for Year 2 students, who participated admirably in the warmer conditions of mid-morning. Activities ranged from target-and-skills-related games to basketball, football, hockey, jumping; throwing and running with some fun mixes in the much-loved obstacle and fun relay stations. It was brilliant to enjoy some vertical articulation with students from Years 5 and 6 coming to help run our stations and give plenty of encouragement to all of our keen Key Stage 1 students.

Some of our youngest students in FS1 and FS2 were circulating around their own age appropriate and fairy tale themed activity stations where fun was be the main goal of the morning. For many of these children, this is their first taste of an organised event with their friends. From all of our many events that take place during a “normal” year, this is always a favourite, particularly the Ginger Bread Man races! Our Year 6 students again came to support the games and added an extra dimension to our Foundation Stage children’s experience.

The Primary Physical Education team would like to thank the parents for their support, all of the students who have participated, the older students who have supported and encouraged, and finally to all of the staff who have worked so hard in preparing and running these events for the enjoyment of our Primary students.

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