Water, Water Everywhere in Year 5!

Water, Water Everywhere in Year 5!

Year 5 are starting their new learning unit on water.

As part of their new unit of learning ‘Water, Water Everywhere’, Year 5 enjoyed water-themed activities to get them motivated and engaged for the term ahead. Water magic tricks, science experiments, a musical orchestra, and a water quiz were all on the agenda. Students took part in each activity, and came away feeling enthused and excited to start their new learning theme.

Student Reflections

Yesterday I was excited to see what activities we were going to do that involved water. Today I had fun doing the water science experiment because it was really cool finding out if it would leak or not. The first two lessons were fun because you were not looking at the screen. The entry point made me feel happy and excited for what’s to come next.


I think it is really fun and exciting! We learned about making music with glasses of water, and the science behind it. We also did a science experiment where w need to get a ziplock bag, fill it with water and push a few pencils in to see if the water leaks or not. I’ll not be surprised if I enjoy all the other cool activities. I feel like this whole unit is going to be a blast!


Today I enjoyed doing the water orchestra because it reminded me that the lower the water is the higher the sound was – I feel smart! The entry point made me feel intrigued about what’s to come next, but I also feel happy about it.


It’s great to see the students ‘bubbling’ up with excitement with their new learning theme.

Students performed some of their favourite songs including this one – do you know which song it is?

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