Year 13s Back in the Labs

Year 13s Back in the Labs

Year 13s are glad to be back in the labs doing key practical work.

Year 13s have been allowed on campus to do compulsory practical work for their IB examination courses in the Science labs. They are participating in specific, essential exam components of their Internal Assessments (IA). The students are happy to be allowed onto campus to complete these essential practical components of the IB Diploma.

In Chemistry they are working on many different types of investigation. These include the antioxidant effect of fruit juice, the chemistry of Aspirin, electrochemical cells, metal poisoning of enzymes, the energy value of alcohols as fuels and many others.

Biology students are doing various experiments including studying the effect of dietary sucrose concentration, the effects of time of day on the activity of common birds within different areas of Bangkok and how do two different methods of fruit ripening affect the metabolism of starch to glucose in mangoes over three days?

Students of Physics are investigating a wide range of different research questions such as how does surface area of a pendulum bob affect the decay constant of damped harmonic motion? Another question include how does the molarity of salt solution affect its specific heat capacity?

They are working in practical bubbles with socially distanced, controlled seating. All students and staff are required to submit a negative ATK before entering campus and must record who they eat with during lunchtime. Maintaining a safe and healthy environment is key to ensuring Year 13s can achieve their goals in their IB exams.

The information in this post is valid for the date posted above. Our curriculum and policies are dynamic. For up-to-date information, please contact the school directly.