Welcome Georgina Micklethwaite

Welcome Georgina Micklethwaite

Welcome to Georgina, our new Year 1 teacher.

Year 1 Teacher

Welcome to our new Year 1 teacher, Georgina Micklethwaite. She hails from Doncaster, South Yorkshire but comes to Bangkok Patana from her most recent position in Jordan where she enjoyed the amazing sights there.

“I was really interested in working in Thailand because many people had told me how great it would be for my son. When this position came up my friend told me how amazing this school is, she said just apply for the job and see how it goes. I had the interview and here I am! Also, there was a former Patana teacher at my school in Amman who raved about Patana. One thing that really drew me to working here was the professional learning opportunities. I like learning and appreciate the CPL here.”

“The community feeling here is really wonderful. My team in Year 1 is amazing, we work so well together. It’s great to share ideas with each other and collaborate. It’s been a fantastic learning opportunity for me already. The students here are amazing and have made me feel settled very quickly. My son loves it too, he’s made so many friends. Even with the obstacles to get here, post-quarantine, Bangkok has felt like home.”

“I worked in hospitality for a few years but went back to my studies and started university. I knew at that point I wanted to go into education. In my second year, I had the option to specialise in an area, so I choose international as I knew that was really where I wanted to be. After I finished university, I left for Jordan where I taught for two years before coming to Patana.”

“Continuous provision has been key for me in early years. It is so important to bring play and questioning into learning. I think it is necessary for students to be able to explore things and for me as the teacher to facilitate the learning for the student; being there to support and extend through questioning.

“I love trying out new sports. I started boxing and kickboxing in Jordan. My coach was a Jordanian lady and taught a variety of martial arts. She was so enthusiastic that I really enjoyed it. I’ve been in touch with some people here and am looking forward to learning Muay Thai.”

“Like most expats, I love to travel. One of the things I loved about Jordan was the ability to visit some amazing places. Wadi Rum is one of my favourite places in the whole world. I also visited Petra in Jordan three times, I hiked it twice and rode a horse up to the top, Interestingly, we walked back down and met the horse at the bottom. The horse went back by itself and didn’t need any guidance! I’ve ridden horses all my life so riding to the top of Petra was fun. In the UK I thought I’d give polo a try after I had my son. I did play a couple of matches but really I really enjoyed the skills I needed to use to play the most.”

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