Well-being Workshops for Parents

Well-being Workshops for Parents

Parents discuss ways in which to help their children thrive in the broader world.

Well-being workshops for parents wanting to help their child gain social, emotional and mental well-being are a popular feature at Bangkok Patana School. Led by our Social and Emotional counsellors, parents of Secondary students met in The Hub to compare strategies and brainstorm ideas to help propel their children to independence in the broader world after graduation.

In one helpful activity, parents listed their child’s schedule which they compared with other parents. They also discussed the need to not always smooth the way for their children, but to allow them some difficulties. Only by encountering roadblocks do children learn to overcome them themselves, something that was emphasised by speaker Dick Moore when he visited Bangkok Patana last term. The parents brainstormed ideas to help prepare their children for life at university and beyond. Teaching life skills in school earlier than Year 13 and also at home was key; from managing their own bank accounts and finances, to being responsible for their own transportation and doing household chores.

The Social and Emotional counsellors will be holding one big meeting in the first half of each term and then a smaller workshop for 20 parents or less in the second half. This has proved so popular that all the slots for workshops this term are full. Future workshops will be advertised in our weekly Patana News.

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