Year 7 CSIs Solve a Murder

Year 7 students collaborate to solve the murder of Akito Watanabe.

Murder was on the minds of Year 7 students as they used all their skills to become young CSIs. In the Year 7 Connections project this week, the young sleuths set about to solve the murder of a Japanese businessman. First, the students investigated the evidence. In addition to cataloguing the crime scene, they performed tests on evidence and worked together to solve the murder! Finally, after all their hard work, the students presented their solutions to their parents on the last day. Who killed Akito Watanabe? Certainly, Year 7 knows!

The Connections project in Year 7 integrates curricula from all disciplines of the students’ timetable into real life contexts. In gives students an engaging format to use their knowledge whilst developing skills to work collaboratively and take responsibility for outcomes.

Year 7 CSIs solve a murder