Year 1 ‘Adopts’ Outdoor Classroom Chickens!

Year 1 students name the Outdoor Classroom’s family of fowl.

Year 1 students recently visited the Outdoor Classroom for the first time in the 2021/22 academic year, transforming into intrepid naturalists and exploring the richness of Bangkok Patana’s very own ‘urban ecosystem’. Students were amazed by the abundance of biodiversity and various species that have made their homes in the freshwater pond and nearby vegetation. The young explorers were excited to learn new skills such as pond-dipping and sweep-netting, using the Outdoor Classroom’s professional-level scientific equipment.

In addition to discovering the richness of natural elements, Year 1 students also unofficially adopted the Outdoor Classroom’s chickens! Our family of fowl have recently increased by two, and Year 1 students were given the opportunity to name them. After nominating some options and tallying up the class votes, the new chicks have been given the names of Cotton Candy and Omelette. The hens will be named KFC and Galaxy, and the rooster will now be called Roblox! Thank you to Year 1 for these creative names, and we officially welcome the fowl family into our Bangkok Patana community. We’re sure the Year 1 students will be looking forward to many upcoming visits with their animal buddies.