Year 1 Aims to Waste Less Food

Year 1 Aims to Waste Less Food

What is your One Green Goal?

Throughout the year, as part of Bangkok Patana’s One Green Goal initiative, Year 1 students have been challenging themselves to waste less food. Since Term 1, students have been thinking of different ways to reduce their food waste as a Year group. For example, students ask for less food in the canteen and go up again if they are still hungry, snacks are placed in resealable boxes to keep the food fresh for longer and they raise awareness about food waste at home with their families.

As part of their ongoing commitment to the One Green Goal initiative, Year 1 were visited by Khun Mew, a representative of Oklin Thailand. Oklin Thailand is a local manufacturer of composting machines and are committed to creating solutions to support the United Nation’s 17 sustainability development goals (SDGs). Before their session with Khun Mew, Year 1 learned about these goals, what they mean and why they’re important. The students were very excited to see the composting in action and learned that you can even use waste to make new food!

Year 1 students were able to take home a seed that they planted in some of the compost made from the food waste in the Primary canteen. What a great way to learn how to make use of waste instead of sending it to landfill. Year 1 wastes less food, indeed!

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