Year 1 Hit by Atomic Theory

Year 1 enjoyed learning about atoms from our visiting scientists.

Year 1 students have been excited and engaged in learning about Atomic Theory and its relevance to our world. Visiting scientists Ian Stuart, founder of the Atomic School and Ruben Meerman, the Surfing Scientist, were at school working with the children on atomic theory.

The flashes and bangs were exciting, and they increased the level of enjoyment as students explored atomic structure. As Ian explains, the periodic table is like the alphabet and just like you use letters to make sentences, you can also use the periodic table to make molecules. In the same way that you arrange sentences to create literature, you arrange molecules to make chemical sentences. The kids understood right away that the world is made of invisible atoms that can be rearranged.

Ruben believes that young children can grasp atomic theory concepts at an early age. Learning about atoms at the Foundation Stage is not too early, according to him. “They love learning about atoms but we also want them to understand how atoms work.”

This is the second consecutive year that Ruben and Ian have come to Bangkok Patana School to work with our young students on atomic theory. Last year they introduced the concept of teaching atomic theory to Primary students to our teachers with practical in-class sessions. This year, they were able to evaluate the implementation and work again with students and teachers to improve the learning. “These students are learning this fundamental theory at a young age and developing their scientific literacy. They are really enjoying it and we can expect that this learning will give them a deeper understanding and enjoyment of science as they grow older,” said Ian.

Year 1 visiting scientists
Atomic Theory at Bangkok Patana School