Year 10s Explore Global Art

Year 10s Explore Global Art

Year 10 explore global art movements

Students in Year 10 have been exploring global art movements in CSL. Studying different movements allows them to gain a deeper understanding of their own art and the creative choices they are making. 

Using project-based learning, complemented by regular check-ins using the private channels function on Microsoft Teams, students receive regular and personalised feedback. This enables them to keep working at the same pace as they would in class. One-to-one conversations with their teacher about specific areas of their work help them to develop their critical and reflective thinking skills. Additionally, they draw from independent project research, grounding their own independent investigations in relevant contextual studies.

Likewise, Microsoft Teams calls are used to showcase excellent artwork with peers to promote  and reward good practice. Using Art as a communication tool has encouraged students to further explore the ethics of sharing artwork with different cultural audiences. 

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