Year 11 are “Passionate, Resourceful and Resilient” in Tutorials

Year 11 students practice first aid, martial arts and mindfulness techniques.

As part of the “Safe, Healthy and Happy” unit of the Year 11 Tutorial Programme, students have been experiencing a rotation of activities over the last four weeks: Mindfulness, First Aid, Self Defence and Work Reviews. In order to prepare for possible stressful times ahead with exams looming, students been practising some mindfulness techniques in The Hub with Secondary counsellors and their tutors. Students have been continuing their First Aid development training with CPR skills and learning how to respond to an emergency. Apart from the more obvious benefits of Self Defence, this session is good physical exercise, fun and also a good reliever of tension. During the Work Review students have a 30 minute one-to-one discussion with a support tutor about their academic targets, revision and time management techniques to keep a balanced schedule of work, sleep, exercise and other interests.