Year 11 Chemistry is on Fire!

Year 11 Chemistry is on Fire!

Year 11 are learning how to identify metals.

Hot! hot! hot! Year 11 Chemistry students are on fire with their learning. Oranat (Pang) Manavutiveth tells us more about this:

“In our Chemistry lesson we learned to identify which metals are present in a salt using the colour of their flames. When a metal ion is heated, the electrons gain energy and become excited. They move from the shell they are on to a higher shell. They are less stable in this energy state and when they move back to their shell, they emit the energy they absorbed in the first place.”

“Later in the lesson, we were able to do a flame test on some salt solutions ourselves and record the flame colours of Lithium, Caesium, Potassium, Calcium, Barium and Strontium.”

“One of our favourite parts was just being able to observe the different colours of the flames, especially in the dark. Also at the start when all the flames were aligned together the colours were super vibrant.”

Our teachers always say that learning at Bangkok Patana is pretty ‘hot’!

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