Too Many Celebrations for Reading!

Year 1 are excited to learn about all the different celebrations at our school.

Year 1 had a very strange but exciting assembly. Poor Mr Ross was trying to read a story to the Year group but he couldn’t!  He was interrupted by many different people. The first person who came in was Miss Robine – she thought everyone was there to celebrate her birthday with her!  Next, Miss Tracey came in very excited to splash everyone for Songkran.  Miss Meena brought some students in carrying candles to celebrate Diwali and then Miss Briony and Mr Pat danced in for Chinese New Year.  Just when Mr Ross had it all under control, Miss Kerry arrived singing Christmas carols.  What a confused group the Year 1 staff are!  However, what an interesting start to their Celebrations theme and hopefully, the students can help them learn more about these celebrations and lots more so that they know when and how to celebrate them!