Year 12 IB English Students Get Graphic

IB English students share their feedback on the graphic novel Persepolis

Year 12 IB English students are studying graphic novels. In a friendly competition using Quizizz, a great online learning tool for quick quizzes, they tested each other on the terminology and features of graphic novels. Next they moved on to Persepolis, the graphic novel they are currently studying. Working independently, but still on Microsoft Teams so they could ask questions as needed, they closely analysed their chosen extracts. Students explored the effects of the features used whilst making sure they used the correct terminology. Finally, they came back together as a class to share and obtain feedback. This work will be developed into pieces of analytical writing in their next lesson.

Graphic novels are sometimes viewed as less literary compared with other types of text, but the Year 12s will certainly confirm that this isn’t the case!

Year 12 IB english