Year 13 Inspired by Alum

Year 13 Inspired by Alum

Grad’20 were inspired and encouraged by visiting alumni Erica Maesincee

Grad’13 alum Erica Maesincee shared her stories of life after Bangkok Patana with Year 13s, giving them inspiration and encouragement in their preparations for university life.

“Soon you will be free,” she told the students at the Alumni Breakfast. “Free to think, to create what you want. You can customise and personalise your own learning experience.” However, she also pointed out the pitfalls of responsibility. That their choices of what classes to take, when to take them, will help define who they want to be in the future.

Year 13s were interested to learn that she had used ECAs and classes at Bangkok Patana to overcome her fear of public speaking. Something that plays a major role in her life today. She encouraged them to look beyond their degrees and develop other social skills such as public speaking. She added that they not only help you see the world in a different perspective but they make you a more interesting person.

Finally, she reminded them “You are all global citizens. You come here every day to learn and challenge yourself. These experiences at school teach you and you don’t even see it.”

“The life skills you have been learning at Bangkok Patana will enable you to do anything. If I could turn back time to my school years here I would have done more, I would have learned for the sake of learning. I would have enjoyed more and worried less. And tried more.”

Read Erica’s full story here. If you are graduating in 2013 or already graduated and haven’t yet signed up to our alumni group, click here to do so.

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