Year 3 Create Models in DT Workshops

Year 3 students try their hand at design and engineering…

As part of their ‘Mighty Metals’ unit of learning, Year 3 students were excited to spend time in the DT workshop, creating models made of wood and magnetic parts. To introduce this unit, students read the classic book, “The Iron Man,” by Ted Hughes, written in 1968. The story is about an Iron Man who appears from seemingly nowhere and angers the local farmers by eating his way through all their metal machinery. With this story as inspiration, Year 3 students have been tasked with creating a friend for the lonely Iron Man.

In their Design and Technology (DT) lessons, students will have the opportunity to design and create their own wooden friend for the Iron Man, complete with magnetic limbs! Whilst the models will hopefully not rival the size of the Iron Man, they should provide the students with an exciting opportunity to use Bangkok Patana’s specialist DT room, complete with tools, materials and everything else a budding designer/engineer/architect could possibly need!