Year 7 Dives into Ocean Sustainability

Join the inquiry room with Year 7 to dive deep into ocean sustainability…

Year 7 is learning how to manage ocean sustainability and reduce the impact of plastic waste through project-based learning. This encourages students to develop an interest in, and a sense of wonder about, the world’s vast oceans. Year 7 began by moving outside of the traditional knowledge-based classroom learning, and into the shared inquiry room. This facility is used to inspire exploration of a topic, through which students examine and question in the process of making personal connections to the world.

Year 7 continued their learning by exploring the physical patterns and processes involved in ocean currents, in addition to diving deep into the question of why our oceans are so valuable. Other wider concepts that guided Year 7 learning included sustainability-focused topics, such as overfishing, pollution and plastic waste. As this issue is heavily focused on global citizenship, the interactive lesson helps our Year 7 students towards becoming ethical and informed students. The Sustainable Development Goals further aided students in their learning quest to connect people, places and the environment, as well as to understand our impact as humans on the physical world. This project-based learning unit will conclude with an expo, with students offering potential solutions to the issues examined.