Year 3 Inspired to Grow  Food in the Outdoor Classroom

Year 3 Inspired to Grow Food in the Outdoor Classroom

Year 3 used their time in the Outdoor Classroom to plan ways to contribute to their community.

Children love scavengers hunts and our Year 3 students were even more excited to have one in the Outdoor Classroom! They used their inquisitive natures to find, collect and identify various parts of the many different plant varieties that grow there. 

Inspired by this incredible environment and recognising the potential of this space, the Year 3 students also staked out areas to start their very own tropical fruit, vegetable and herb patches. 

Understanding their responsibility to improve global sustainability, the students will donate their produce to the gardeners and guards of the Bangkok Patana community. As a result, students have the opportunity to give back and show thanks to people in our own community who support the students in their  learning . 

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