Meet the New Teacher: Antony Wilson

Meet the New Teacher: Antony Wilson

Tony has worked internationally for more than 15 years.

Year 5 Class Teacher

Antony Wilson, or Tony as he prefers to be called, is from just outside London and is here with his wife Meagan who works here in Year 1 and their son who is a student in Year 2.

“I’ve worked internationally for more than 15 years so I know a well-resourced school when I see one; everything here is very purposeful. I was so impressed by the initial reception where I was greeted with so many smiles and warm welcomes. Even before I looked at the facilities and the grounds that alone was enough to sell me on the school.

The Journey to Bangkok Patana

“I grew up outside of London and did my degree in Leeds, so that was my first teaching position. Originally, I studied Art but the course I did was 50 percent teaching and my interest shifted from the arts to teaching. Once I got into the classroom, I knew that is what I wanted. The art studio is kind of a lonely place while the classroom is so vibrant, there is never a dull moment.”

“Even after 29 years of working in education there are always challenges, adapting to a new environment and taking on the unique personality of the school, becoming the best you in this environment. It never ceases to challenge you and that’s one of the reasons I love the job.”

“I was in Egypt first, the Deputy Head at a large international school in Cairo. After Cairo we moved to Costa Rica, and then we decided to try Europe. We both worked in Slovakia where our son was born and then after six years we felt it was the right time for another adventure. So, we looked to Asia and Thailand.”

A Return to Normality

“I am really looking forward to getting to know my students and for life returning to a bit of normal. I am looking forward to seeing the kids grow and get their confidence back. It’s been a difficult year for them. I can see they are getting to get back into a bit more normality., you can feel it ebbing back. Its lovely to get to know them and see their talents coming out.”

“Most of our free time is spent with our son, so we are kicking the ball around the park, going swimming and taking him away for the weekend. At the moment we are enjoying the age he is and having the time to spend with him. I run a bit and swim most days. I like cooking too.”

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