Meet the Senior Delegate: Charlie Golsby

Meet the Senior Delegate: Charlie Golsby

I’ve been at Patana since Year 5 – so coming into my 9th year here. It’s a great school; I […]

I’ve been at Patana since Year 5 – so coming into my 9th year here. It’s a great school; I think I’ve developed a lot. It helped me settle into living in Thailand and I’ve grown a lot. The school instils a sense of responsibility to not just yourself but to the community at large.

Role as a Senior Delegate

As a Senior Delegate I will bring my skills at communication; it is my strongest suit. I feel quite comfortable talking to new people and am able to listen to all the different students and find out what positive impact we can have as Delegates. I can help plan events and am willing to dedicate the time needed to make those events successful. I am looking forward to working with the people needed to make those events happen.

I think a good Senior Delegate needs commitment, the student body has voted you in and now you represent the wider student body. You have to be fully committed to do your job well because if you don’t you will let the whole student body down.

I am very enthusiastic about the role; I am really looking forward to carrying out the tasks that I need to do. This has always been something I’ve been interested in doing, so I am really happy to have taken on this role.

My main focus is that of safety in this time of COVID-19. The school has implemented really good policies and procedures in place. I realise that COVID-19 has impacted students’ learning – I want to help mitigate the negative effects of COVID on students learning and well-being. I want to work with Senior leadership to see what we can do to make sure that students aren’t negatively impacted by this.

Interests and Activities

I’m involved in the school orchestra as a member of the violin section. I have been in the orchestra since joining Secondary School and it is one of the most rewarding experiences from my time at Bangkok Patana. Working collaboratively and achieving goals as a team is very satisfying.

My favourite subject at school is History. Studying History allows us to investigate perspectives, ideas and experiences from the past, and learn from them. I enjoy exploring the links between the cause and consequences of events, and connecting them with other subjects, such as economics and politics. I find myself exploring the subject in depth, and my time at Patana has fuelled my desire to continue studying History at university.

I plan to study History in the United Kingdom, and then continue to do a master’s degree in either Law or Finance/Economics. I’m still unsure about what I want to do career-wise, but I am looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

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