Year 5 Astronauts in Training

Year 5 Astronauts in Training

Space exploration in Year 5

Year 5 students spent the day in Astronaut Training as their Term 1 learning entry point, exploring the skills and knowledge required to make it into space. Pushing themselves physically and mentally, students were introduced to the characteristics and strengths necessary to become an astronaut. Year 5 also had an opportunity to hear from astronomer and author Colin Stuart, who co-wrote a book with British astronaut Tim Peake. Mr Stuart shared his vast knowledge about Mars and piquing students’ interest in the possibility of being the first person to set foot on the red planet.

Over the coming weeks, Year 5 will investigate all things space, including the history of the space race and the current iteration playing out today. In fact, just yesterday India’s Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft made history by being the first to touch down on the ‘dark side of the moon’!

Should humans be exploring space? How does space exploration impact humanity? Does it improve our lives or is it a waste of money? These are some of the questions Year 5 will be considering throughout this unit of learning. Over and out from Year 5!

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