Year 5 Explore Secondary School Science Labs

Year 5 Explore Secondary School Science Labs

Educational and Fun!

Year 5 students had an exciting glimpse into Secondary School life during their visit to the Science labs, where they conducted a hands-on experiment. Equipped with their own lab coats – as the Secondary ones would have been too large – the students eagerly walked over to the Science Centre. For some students this was their very first time, but others had been over in their younger Primary years.

Following their recent experiment in the Primary Science Lab, where they successfully separated water from salt, this visit aimed to take their understanding a step further. The challenge was to figure out how to ‘catch’ evaporated water to prevent it from disappearing. The students discovered that while water turns into vapour during evaporation, it can be collected again in liquid form by passing through a ‘cooling chamber’ that stops it from escaping.

Building on this new found knowledge, the young scientists also experimented with separating water from other substances such as tea, ethanol and sodium chloride. They carefully observed and recorded their results, drew comparisons, and reached conclusions. 

The visit was not only educational but also incredibly good fun, leaving the Year 5 students inspired and excited about the wonders of Science.

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