Year 7 Starts Secondary

Wishing Year 7 a successful journey in Secondary!

Year 7 starts Secondary School with an exciting journey ahead through academics, Residentials, (I)GCSEs, IB and House Competitions! Before jumping into Key Stage 4 academics, though, our Year 7 students will have countless opportunities to explore their interests – both academic and extra-curricular. Building their expertise, trying new things and learning core subjects will put our Year 7 students on the pathway to Secondary success.

At the end of last academic year, while these students were still in Year 6, an extensive transition programme was provided to aid in their readiness for Year 7. This included receiving advice from then-current Year 7 students and sitting in on sample lessons. On their first day of Year 7, students came to school feeling prepared and supported to begin their journeys in Secondary School. Starting with introductions in the Theatre, students then participated in off-timetable activities throughout the morning periods, including a scavenger hunt to build friendships and help become acquainted with the Secondary School side of campus. We wish all of our Year 7 students a great year ahead, full of learning and growth!