Young Entrepreneurs in Year 4

Young Entrepreneurs in Year 4

Year 4 have been testing out new ideas for business matters.

Term 3 in Year 4 usually means one thing- Business Matters!  This year the name was changed to ‘Young Entrepreneurs’ since students couldn’t collaborate to form businesses in the same way. Despite not being able to be together in school, the Year 4s are very keen to design environmentally friendly and sustainable products. 

Here are some of the activities that are engaging our young entrepreneurs: Some are busy in their kitchens testing out recipes, while others are making a range of toys and products that appeal to children of all ages. Some students are designing ‘How to’ electronic books. Have you been looking for a book with upcycling hacks? There may be one available from a Year 4 entrepreneur! Their products are being shared as any entrepreneur would, with costing plans, instructions on how to make them and pictures of final products. 

Good luck Year 4 entrepreneurs with your great ideas and new products!

Year 4 young entrepreneurs
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