2022 University Offers – Economics and Finance

2022 University Offers – Economics and Finance

Congratulations to our Grad ’22 university offers in Economics and Finance programmes!

Congratulations to our Grad ’22 students who have received university offers in Economics and Finance from the UK, USA and Canada!

These four students followed pathways in related course offerings through both the (I)GCSE and IB programmes at Bangkok Patana School. Neil Shah, who attained a 100% score in Mathematics (I)GCSE and the Top in the World Award, is predicted to attain a Level 7 in IB. He explained that being brought up in a business-oriented family had always made him feel “…destined for finance, with long nights studying the stock market and trading on the Forex market.” He said his Economics teacher, Mr Nicholas Fieldhouse, helped him to “…understand the theoretical side of Economics and Finance, which made me want to grow a deeper understanding of the theory and apply it to the real world.” Neil’s peer, Peter Switala, also expressed his gratitude to Mr Fieldhouse for “…making economics so enjoyable and helping me discover that economics is my favourite subject. Svasti Jagannadhan explained that the (I)GCSE Business course most influenced her decision to pursue Economics, “I thought it was really interesting to learn about economics and was interested to explore something new,” she said.

Bangkok Patana has provided this group of Grad ’22 students with a variety of learning opportunities, broadening their perspectives in relation to Economics and Finance. As Patrick Ledoit explained, Interestingly, my Computer Science courses influenced me the most. When I first started in Key Stage 3 and continued through to (I)GCSE, I realised how powerful computing is for solving problems that humans have difficulty with. I found each coding project was like a puzzle waiting to be challenged. This prompted me to learn Python, which I then utilised to tackle more complex problems in statistics.”

These students agree that opportunities outside of the classroom at Bangkok Patana School are just as important as those inside. “Just as much as my academic opportunities have shaped my path, so have my extra-curricular activities. The skills I have developed and the experience I have gained have been immeasurable,” said Patrick. Neil added, “Through my time at Bangkok Patana, I have been able to meet a wide range of people and make lifelong friends. As such, when deciding upon a university, I knew I was looking for an environment that would allow me to build my character and academics outside of the classroom. Having a range of extra-curricular activities and internships will help me to develop real world skills and experience.”

The interdisciplinary field of Mathematics/Economics will definitely help me to narrow my future-focus on Finance,” explained Svasti. Peter hopes to achieve his doctorate, finding that Economics and Finance could benefit his future goal of becoming a politician. Neil expressed that he hopes to start his career by gaining experience in the industry, then transitioning to his own business, through which he can showcase his skills and demonstrate what he has learned. Patrick said that he hopes to utilise his coding and statistical skills to benefit society, as Economics Theory has encouraged him to understand modern society through a new lens. We wish them all the best on their future journeys!

Finance and Economics Programme Offers (as of 3rd May 2022) include:

  • Boston University (USA)
  • University of California, Los Angeles (USA) (TES #20, QS #40, US News #14)
  • Fordham University (USA)
  • University of Michigan (USA) (TES #24, QS #23, US News #19)
  • Northeastern University (USA)
  • University of Pennsylvania (USA) (TES #13, QS #13, Ivy League, US News #13)
  • University of St. Andrews (UK)
  • University of Southern California (USA)
  • University of Toronto (Canada) (TES #18, QS #26, US News #16)
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)

Bolded university names are those that rank within the TES World University Rankings 2022; QS World University Rankings 2022; Ivy League Listings; and/or US News 2022 Best Global Universities Rankings.

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