Year 6 are Sports Leaders!

Year 6 are Sports Leaders!

Year 6 students lead sport activities for their Year 1 peers.

Year 6 students have been learning how to become Sports Leaders throughout their Term 3 PE lessons. They discussed the qualities of a good leader, worked on their communication skills and planned successful warmups, which they then led with their peers. After becoming more comfortable in their new roles of Sports Leaders, the students planned an activity for Year 1 students, focused on improving at least one sports-related skill. To do so, they determined the teaching points that would be necessary to support the younger students and spent time identifying ways that the activities could be adapted if need be. The stations that Year 6 planned for the activity included target throwing, dribbling a football, hitting a ball off a tee, under- and over-arm throwing, shooting a basketball and dribbling a hockey puck.

By running these activities, the Year 6 students demonstrated their admirable leadership qualities and did an excellent job of ensuring that the Year 1 students stayed safe, felt comfortable and enjoyed the activities. It was wonderful to see how our older students interacted with the younger learners!

Throughout the remainder of this learning unit, Year 6 students will look at adaptations for inclusivity, as well as the role of officials in sports. These learned skills, which have developed Year 6 into sports leaders, are further transferrable to their other areas of learning. By the end of Year 6, all students will have had the opportunity to learn how to become sports leaders and to apply their learned knowledge to a sporting event.

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