Year 9 Thai Class Goes Exploring

Year 9 Thai Class Goes Exploring

Year 9 students were excited to head off campus for some learning….

It was exciting to see Year 9 Thai students go exploring, especially after a long two years of cancelled trips due to the pandemic. The students as well were keen and Venice (Wow) Dumnernchanvanich shared a bit of their learning:

“We had an opportunity to visit the Museum Siam to educate ourselves on the history and origins of Thailand as both a country and culture. The museum has created an interesting way of learning that makes us curious to know more, making us able to get immersed in Thai tradition and culture. This was created through the usage of interactive models, which had proven effective during our learning process. When exploring the museum with a member of staff, there was a total of fourteen rooms that had covered each aspect of Thailand—for example, room 3 “ไทยตั้งแต่เกิด”/“Birth of Thainess” which had described how Thailand had originated, and room 9 “ไทยวิทยา”/”Lessons in Thai” which shown the different styles of Thai classrooms and traditional Thai school uniforms, dating back to the year 2520 [1977].”

A big thank you to the staff at Museum Siam who made the trip interesting and enjoyable for our Year 9 students!

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