Alice Curwood, Cross Campus Assistant Principal

Alice Curwood, Cross Campus Assistant Principal

Welcome Alice Curwood, Cross Campus Assistant Principal, Extra-curricular Activities and Sports, Secondary Physical Education Teacher

Alice Curwood’s favourite thing about teaching and coaching is watching her students grow and being able to make a positive influence in their lives. She hopes to stand strong as a female role model for our students, further encouraging their involvement in sport and physical activity as a supplement to their academic careers, helping them to develop life skills and engage in a range of experiences outside of the classroom.

Alice Curwood grew up in Kent, England and spent the first seven years of her teaching career in South East London. After hearing so many positive, exciting stories about teaching internationally from her friends, she decided to explore the field and started her first international teaching post in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where she spent the last four years leading the Secondary PE Department. Through her previous school’s involvement with FOBISIA and SEASAC sporting competitions, she had met many Bangkok Patana students and staff and felt the school’s educational philosophy, vision and mission matched her own. Alice also appreciates that Bangkok Patana is a non-profit school, placing importance on, and investing in, continual development of the school’s facilities, a huge pull factor for a PE teacher when moving schools!

Throughout her first year at Bangkok Patana, Alice is looking forward to growing in her first Senior Leadership role and the various opportunities to develop professionally. She hopes to learn from the students and community as to how they would like to see the extra-curricular activities (ECA) programme expanded and is further anticipating the exciting return to FOBISIA and SEASAC sporting events. Her goal is to widen the school’s network of sport competition through invitationals, and to provide students with several different opportunities to represent Bangkok Patana at the many BMAC, FOBISIA and SEASAC events that are returning to our wider programme offerings following the pandemic. Alice enjoys hockey, swimming, trekking, reading and travel – she is also beginning to try her hand at tennis, so look out for her on the Sports Complex courts!

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