Jen Chan, Support For Learning Year 5

Welcome Jen Chan, Primary Support for Learning Teacher, Year 5

With her MA in Special Education, Jen Chan comes to Bangkok Patana with expertise in supporting students’ learning. While we are her first British international school, Jen has taught at five other international schools across Beijing, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Jen was drawn to Bangkok Patana as it is close to Singapore, where her son is currently doing his National Service Requirement. She believes that the beauty of teaching abroad is in the fact that every country and every culture is different, and learning to adapt is a fun challenge. Jen’s favourite thing about teaching is building relationships with her students, as she sees this as the most important aspect of successfully supporting their learning and imparting a positive impact. Throughout her first year here at Bangkok Patana, Jen is looking forward to familiarising herself with the community and getting to know her colleagues, who have already given her a lot of support and guidance. In her free time, Jen enjoys cooking and snorkeling. As Jen is an avid traveler, her personal motto is “Life is an adventure and adventure is out there!”