Eleanor Richards, Humanities Faculty

Welcome Eleanor Richards, Learning and Teaching Advisor, Secondary History Teacher

Eleanor Richards is from Devon, UK, but grew up moving throughout England and Scotland as her family were in the Royal Air Force (RAF), undoubtedly influencing her interest in traveling and teaching abroad! After completing her BA and teacher training back in her hometown at the University of Exeter, Eleanor taught in the UK and then in Malaysia where she spent the last two years. Appreciating Bangkok Patana’s value of well-being and that we are a well-established international school, Eleanor was excited to make the move to Bangkok, noting that within a larger department she would have more opportunities for growth. An additional draw to Bangkok for Eleanor was the range of exciting new foods to try, particularly as a big fan of Masterchef and the Great British Bake Off!

Eleanor’s passions include history and rugby – two things that are integral to her life here at Bangkok Patana. She expressed how interesting her conversations are with her students, and that new perspectives about historical topics are illuminated through talking with them. Eleanor said that she loves how each new group of students will have new ideas on the topics being discussed, so the conversations are always evolving. In her first year at Bangkok Patana, Eleanor is looking forward to working with the Teacher Learning Communities (TLCs) and to the many professional development sessions that will be provided.