Heart Dissection in IB Sports Science

How much does a heart weigh?

Students in the IB SEH Science (Sports, Exercise and Health) course had a hands-on experience with dissecting and learning about the heart. Led by Mr John Burrell, students were divided into small groups with one heart each to gain deeper knowledge regarding the heart’s functions. Firstly, by drawing and labelling a diagram of the heart, students recalled their classroom knowledge to support their familiarity with the real heart on the lab tray in front of them. They were then guided through a series of labs to gain understanding of the heart’s various functions. Weighing and measuring the hearts helped students to recognise the organ’s role in our bodies. Watching the flow of water through the ventricles, atriums and arteries ensured that students had a visual understanding of the way blood moves through our hearts, as well as how much blood can be held within the heart’s cavities at one time. This fascinating, hands-on lab experience was a valuable lesson for our IB SEH Science students to add further depth to their rigorous learning.