Patana Alumni Making Connections

Patana Alumni Making Connections

Alumni strengthen and expand their networks…

Our first Interschool Alumni Networking event since the pandemic was hosted this week at Hyatt Regency Hotel with alumni from Bangkok Patana, ISB and NIST.

Bangkok Patana alumni from various graduating classes joined the event, rekindling friendships and reminiscing about their time on campus. Philip Whitehall, Grad ’08, founder of video game studio Sprytosaur, said that the event opened his eyes “to how far and wide international school alumni have gone”. He also noted that “it’s a rare occasion to meet someone from the fields of agriculture, digital marketing, car manufacturing and jewellery making in a single place!”

Saloni Kothari, Grad ’17, said that ever since she moved from New York back to Bangkok last month, she had assumed that most of her peers stayed abroad. At the networking event, however, she was pleasantly surprised by how many familiar faces she saw. As the Digital Production and Engagement Officer at Doctors Without Borders, Saloni was able to relate her life experiences with those she met at the event. “These striking similarities, despite the distance and divergence in our journeys over the past five years, included the pain of filing taxes, contemplating post-graduate degrees and navigating long-distance friendships.” She further expressed her gratitude for events like these, as they provide opportunities for alumni to build and strengthen their professional relationships and expand their networks as they enter the next chapter of their lives in the city.

It was wonderful to reconnect. If you are an alum, activate your profile on our alumni database to keep abreast of events in your area and get regular updates.

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