An Active Term 3 for Secondary Arts

An Active Term 3 for Secondary Arts

Come support our Secondary Artists

The Secondary Arts Department has had an active Term 3 with Year 10 examinations, the Year 11 GCSE Exhibition and the Year 12 IB Visual Arts Exhibition!

Year 10 (I)GCSE students in Fine Arts, Graphic Arts and Photography recently sat their two-day exam in which they completed their final art pieces; these were independently created across a wide array of media and practices. In Fine Arts, students painted, sculpted and practiced printmaking. In Graphic Arts, students developed merchandise for their third-place charity spaces by stitching and drawing on digital software. Photography students digitally edited their final photographs using Adobe Creative Suite applications. This term was the first Year 10 practical exam that has been run in three years! Year 10 students were laser focused and loved the opportunity to come together to work in a studio setting on their personal projects.

The Year 11 Art Exhibition opened recently, also for the first time in several years. The current cohort of Year 11s are working through their final stretch of exams, so the exhibition’s opening was a welcome break for many, celebrating the results of their hard work. Year 11 students faced many pandemic-related challenges throughout their (I)GCSE course, from lockdowns to ever-changing restrictions, so it is particularly impressive that they were able to generate such a high quality of artwork in the Fine Arts and Photography disciplines. A wide variety of themes are covered in the sculptures, paintings, sketches and photographic prints that are on display. The Year 11 Art Exhibition will remain on display at the Exhibition Hall until the end of Term 3.

The Year 12 Visual Arts Exhibition is currently being installed for its reveal this afternoon, showcasing a range of ‘works in progress’ from the IB Visual Arts students. Each student will show one or two pieces of practical work alongside a selection of printed slides that document their process, influences and the development of their work. This show provides Year 12 IB students an opportunity to reflect on their current progress and identify next steps for moving forward at the start of next academic year.

Be sure to support our Secondary Artists by visiting the Exhibition Hall (both upstairs and downstairs) before the end of Term 3!

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