Moonbuggies in Year 5 DT

Year 5 students take on a space odyssey, building moonbuggies in DT labs

Year 5 students are in the process of building custom moonbuggies, developed from their own designs, in the DT labs. With full access to materials and tools, students are given the independence to test different materials, cut materials to size and piece the materials together. As students have gained hands-on-experience in DT throughout Primary school, they are comfortable using the tools and are able to do so safely with supervision. Through trial-and-error, students learn how to plan their designs and adapt as needed. Their designs do have some standard requirements, including seats for passengers, moving wheels and storage for moon rocks, but the rest is left up to their individual creativity. Some students added features such as cameras, solar panels and other moving parts. With their help, we may just need to expand our Value of Global Citizenship to include another globe – the moon! Year 5 is excited to test out their moonbuggies, although they will unfortunately have to remain here on Earth.