Patana Pathways in Careers and Universities

Patana Pathways in Careers and Universities

Patana Pathways sessions with the Careers and Universities Faculty

The Careers and Universities Faculty recently ran six sessions introducing secondary students of all year groups to career pathways across a variety of fields. Students were able to learn more about pathways in the humanities, law, engineering, medicine, business and the arts. Additionally, students also learned about the value of transferable skills and just how important they are when considering a university major or course. For example, studying humanities can absolutely still lead to a career in the tech industry. After all, there are many, many pathways to success! Careers and Universities Counsellors also detailed the future prospects of professions and how students might start setting goals to reach their desired pathways. A main objective of these sessions was to help students widen their understanding about the various pathways that can lead to careers in different industries. Some student reflections from the session about pursuing a degree in Law are recounted below.

“I attended the Law presentation in the Career team’s line-up of “career path” sessions. Given that I have already decided to apply to study Law in the UK, I attended the session because I wanted to hear more about some of the paths that a Law degree would open for me in the world of work. I found this session interesting and informative because it encouraged us to think further into the future to make more informed decisions about university pathways. Law is an incredibly versatile degree that provides students with transferable skills for a wide range of careers, which has reaffirmed my decision to pursue this at university.”

Luanne Poh, 12M

“I was interested in this session because law has always interested me, and I wanted to find out more. I thought with a degree in law, you can only become a lawyer. After reading about the session in the daily notices, I wanted to know what other jobs a degree in law can help with. After the presentation, I realised I had some misconceptions about the subject. I think the presentation was very helpful and helped me to start thinking about this pathway more.”

Shruti Zariye, 10G

“I was interested in attending this session as I have always had law in the back of my mind as a subject to pursue but I wanted to find out more in terms of the academic requirements and an overall overview of what is covered in a law degree. This session was the perfect opportunity for this. After the presentation, I feel even more confident about pursuing law at university as the presentation has given me the opportunity to find out more about what a law degree consists of, which has massively helped me to make my decision.”

Loris Calmels d’Artensac, 10H
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