University Offers: Anthony Rawstron, London School of Economics, Politics and International Relations

University Offers: Anthony Rawstron, London School of Economics, Politics and International Relations

Anthony will be studying Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Anthony Rawstron

Anthony has received offers from the London School of Economics and Political Science, University College London, University of Exeter, University of Bath and Lancaster University. He has decided to attend London School of Economics where he will study Politics and International Relations.

“I have settled on London School of Economics as my first choice as it offers an unrivalled opportunity to study today’s constantly changing political climate in the heart of London; the Houses of Parliament are just a couple tube stations away. With its ideal location and immense repository of resources, LSE will not only allow me to develop my passion for political science but also my ability to think critically on current happenings and give me skills to take on into the real-world.”

“By studying Politics and International Relations, I will be able to study a blend of domestic and international politics; seeing how decisions made by different governments affect both their own citizens and their global standings as a sovereign nation. Furthermore, it presents me with the opportunity to review historical diplomacy throughout the 20th century and how it affects the world today. Through studying this, I can take my love for history and apply it to the present day to explore how we can settle issues diplomatically in the future.”

“For those bound for the UK, I cannot recommend enough how important it is to start your personal statement early. The earlier you start, the more drafts you can write. Doing this gives you peace of mind that the final statement you submit to UCAS is the best one you can write. Furthermore, always be in touch with your Careers counsellors, they will always be happy to answer any questions you have in narrowing down your five choices to submit your application. To add, try to visit most, if not all, the universities where you intend to apply. If not, then try to get in touch with students at that university who can give you insight into life on campus.”

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